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Hello every one this is my Personal web page i build it long time ago to help every one i give it to him in knowing me better

I love net diving and i am computers programmer   and i have the best skills of web hosting by any soft wares  also i have learned  some programming languages and net works security  and iam good in( data base diagrams designing and arranging contents  fit the codes together basicly playing with software ideas is my specification

back again

Ok....lets talk some thing about me i am a person live in an opened society that every thing can possible on it i have more than 10 000 persons of family relations, friends relations, weak knowns , internet friends , the big family relations and also some small relations and at any way i spend my time as i want to spend it and  i can organize my meeting with my persons in an equal way and give every one his rights of our relations. 

ready to know more

I am apolite and straight i am single butthat is not means that i have some friends from the university ,school &work and they are all good, i am asmooker , some times drinking and iam perfect in making my dessissions and my excellence is in organize & stable my life style.

there is more .....

 i have small computer office in cairo  and my excellence is in software driving and web designing and i am a cracker and quick internet searcher ,

but currently i work in hurghada in another specification

front office in jasmine village

i love reading novels also history and politic books i love talking about cultures, economic problems , best success managemant ,i have spended from ten to fifteen hours on my computer daily for 6 years working in develope my designing objects and function my new work and preparing my feuture tools , but not any more now

because i have already reach what i want.

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